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Thread: Uh, Oh, It Looks Like HAL is on the ISS!

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    Uh, Oh, It Looks Like HAL is on the ISS!

    So, on the most recent shuttle flight to the ISS, the astronauts brought up a moon rock to mount in the station, to show NASA's commitment to exploring space. All well and good, but in looking at the fixture the rock is mounted in, I can't help but be reminded of HAL from 2001. See for yourself what I mean:

    So the color's aren't the same, but the form factor sure is. Might explain why the toilet conked out on them a while back!

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    looks more like a snowglobe to me..

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    Quote Originally Posted by novaderrik View Post
    looks more like a snowglobe to me..
    Or a compass gone bad.

    I would accept HAL if it were mounted flush in a wall. But even then, I might think more of a miniaturized version of Pickard's ready room fishbowl.

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    Moon rock
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    HAL had a smoothing red/orange presence a bit
    like a Sunset. Come to think about it the
    annunciater colours were relaxing as well
    while the hibernaculums were being switched

    BTW has the voice print identification module
    been bolted on to the ISS yet?

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    First you saw Vader, now HAL... I think it just looks like a rock.
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    But it wasn't a rock, it was a rock lob-ster, ROCK LOBSTER!!!

    Sorry,couldn't resist

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