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Thread: The low energy frontier

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    The low energy frontier

    Axel Lindner proposes a low energy regime experimental search for axion-like particles, that he calls WISPS. I like his experimental set-up, and his use of TES (transition Energy Sensors) but think that he may find a spurious background around 0.003 ev. Oft quoted as the regime for putative neutrino masses, it may instead be the decay energy resonance for a neutral current interaction between the ambient neutrino sea, and the TES detectors. This might be searched for also, by Penning trapping a low energy muon beam, and then hiccuping them out directionally through a series of TES detectors. Since only two variants of the neutral current exist below 1.022 MEv, the photon/antiphoton pair,and the neutrino/antineutrino pair, it might in principle offer first detection of graviton interactions. Neat.

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