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Thread: Halcyon, I'm getting sick of you shutting down threads.

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    Halcyon, I'm getting sick of you shutting down threads.

    The drone thread, the feminist teacher thread...those are just the latest.

    You personal worldveiw is all fine, you are intitled, but you are not letting the rest of us have our own world views. As mentioned in Relativity, your frame of reference isn't anymore special or truer than mine.

    Time wasted having fun is not time wasted - Lennon
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    After a brief conference with the available mods, we've determined that while the thread/post as expressed is (technically) not violating any of our board rules, such a thread is very likely to get out of hand. As such, I've closed the thread without additional comment.

    This decision may be subject to adjustment once the rest of the mod team has had a chance to consider it.
    "Words that make questions may not be questions at all."
    - Neil deGrasse Tyson, answering loaded question in ten words or less
    at a 2010 talk MCed by Stephen Colbert.

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