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Thread: What are you not reading?

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    I am not reading any books in English. Recently I've read one Magic Tree House, Snow White, and Roald Dhal's The Twits in French. Children's books are great for reading, and I only have to look up a few words per page, which beats many adult books.

    My goal is to be able to read Jules Verne in his native tongue by next spring.
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    I don't think I'm reading the book I have from the library about a sex scandal during the Jackson administration. I feel sorry for Margaret Eaton, but the book is focusing so much on the men most of the time that she's kind of getting lost.

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    I don't seem to be reading the huge pile of magazines that is getting higher by the week. I need to stop staring at all these screens (including books from Kindle on the Android tablet) and actually read something on paper.
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    I'm startin to notice that some novels are marketed "for young boys" (middle school) instead than "for young adults" (teen years). as a matter of fact they sound SILLY and not graceful, for an adult...

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    I continue to not read Hemingway (I am no longer a high school student, and English teachers won't get me to read Hemingway before they read Schlichting, Prandtl, and Shapiro).

    I once read Ayn Rand, but have finally recovered my intelligence, so shan't do that again.

    On the lighter side, Philip Pullman, Anne McAffrey, Piers Anthony, and "news" on Facebook are on my NTBR pile.
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