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Thread: Backyard Wildlife

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    Given the devils are carnivores, what food source was anticipated if not the penguins and other birds on the island?
    There are a number of other avian species that they also snack on but probably the extent of the penguin loss has surprised them. However, the Devils are in a far greater risk as regards extinction so I guess a hard choice was made. There is something like 3 - 5 hundred thousand Little Penguins spread across Australia from the west to the east coast. The Devils are now only resident in Tasmania and number perhaps 25,000 with the tumour spread causing doubts on their survival in the wild.

    There are a number of other breeding colonies of the Penguins around Tasmania - including one located at the town of Penguin. There are also other islands and remote coastline near to Maria Island so hopefully some of the penguins have 'moved'. I do imagine that that that there is a lot of research going on to see what the next step should be.

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    I've been outside the past week doing yard work, allowing the dog a lot of outside time. The dog has decided the bunnies in our bushes are her friends. She does this cute little play bow when they are around. She has no idea why they won't play with her.

    We also have a rather large deer hanging out behind the house, someplace on the right of way. There is a good sized pine tree at the back of the neighbor's yard, so I suspect the doe hanging out under there. I've seen her a couple of times, but haven't captured a picture yet. She doesn't come too close, so even having a phone in my pocket is not ready enough to capture an image. The dog is so fixated on the bunnies in the bush, that she hasn't noticed the deer. It's rather comical because the doe trots away rather than fleeing at full speed. Apparently, she knows the dog isn't that observant.

    For my part, it is stupefying to see dog miss a deer because she's too busy sniffing around. I've missed a few photo-ops because I couldn't believe what I saw. My wife summed it up the other day with a shocked, "Are you kidding me?"

    Yesterday, the dog was searching the bushes when the utility company started mowing. After about 20 minutes, she noticed the large riding mower go by and barked at it. Just once because she had to get back to investigating the bushes. The guy just shook his head because it was easily his 3 or 4th pass. She is a horrible guard dog.

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