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Thread: Backyard Wildlife

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    Just got up and after putting wood in the stove went to the kitchen to get some cheese and crackers, then heard the coyotes outside.
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    The other night I took my Lab Brody into the back yard to do his business before bedtime. The yard was pretty dark and I spotted a light patch of something near the base of the maple. It was an adult possum.

    Brody saw it and started after it. It ran. I freaked out … how do I get him away from the possum? They ran to opposite sides of the crape myrtle, stopped, and stared at each other around the trunk. Brody's tail was wagging enthusiastically. Then he stopped, walked away a few paces, and did his business. After which he trotted to the gate to go back inside.

    Enough adventure for one night, I guess.
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    I am seeing some rather dark reddish brown squirrels. Except for the color they look like our familiar gray squirrels along with the black ones that have been around for a couple of decades. I wonder if they might be hybrids. The red squirrels I have read about are smaller, and in some places they can be endangered by invasive gray squirrels.

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    I think grey squirrels can come in considerable color variation. Vancouver, BC, is known for black ones.
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    We had a fox run through our backyard this morning, but unfortunately I couldn't get a picture.
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    I don't know how these survive in our garden, which has a high stone wall all round and no ponds or standing water. Every year I turn up frog spawn in puddles and plant-pots, which I usually cart down to the pond in our local park, and every year I find mature frogs sitting around in the garden. Earlier this year we even had a couple get into the house.

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