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Thread: New Amazing Mars Flyover Videos

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    New Amazing Mars Flyover Videos

    Doug Ellison from has done it again… and again… and again. Here are new Mars flyover videos Doug has created from data from the HiRISE camera on the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. Using DEM (Digital Elevation Model)– (also known as DTM Digital Terrain Model) files provided by the HiRISE team, Doug is able [...]


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    As I spend a lot of time stumping around the great outdoors, the "Earthist" in me thinks that Mars is sadly in need of some real weather. To soften the lines a bit.

    These flybys show something that a single photo doesn't. In any arid landscape on Earth you can find a relatively unweathered patch of terrain and your eye and brain make adjustments to Mars photos accordingly.

    If the text is correct and everything is to scale with no exageration then the flybys do a much better job of showing how different Mars is from Earth with the difference in the outlines of the scarps, cliff edges and monuments.

    Good job. I anxiously await the Chaos terrains.
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